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Yucaipa Bag & Shoe Repair

At  Yucaipa Bag & Shoe Repair, we repair shoes, boots, handbags, luggage, leather jackets, and much more. We will gladly repair your shoes and boots to make them “look like new” again, from replacing soles to heel taps, from shoe stretching to shoe dying. We repair loose stitching and minor rips. We also shine and polish shoes and boots, restoring them to their original luster.

Shoe RepairWe repair dress shoes and work shoes, including specialty and orthopedic shoes. We restore leather and suede shoes so that you don’t have to throw away that favorite pair of shoes. Learn more about our Shoe Repair Services.

Boot RepairWe specialize in repairing work footwear, like fire fighter boot repair, police boot repair, EMT boot repair, forest service boot repair, utility boot repair, and construction boot repair.  Save money by extending the life of your expensive work boots, but having Yucaipa Bag & Shoe Repair restore them to “like new”. We also repair cowboy boots, biker boots, and dress boots. Learn more about our Boot Repair Services.

Hand Bag RepairWe repair purses and handbags. Don’t throw away that expensive clutch or shoulder bag. Instead, have Yucaipa Bag & Shoe Repair restore your purse, replacing zippers, repairing tears and scuffs. We also repair handles, straps, stitching, corners, and leather work.  In addition, we clean and re-color handbags, purses, and clutches Learn more about our Handbag Repair Services.

Luggage RepairWe repair luggage and briefcases, replacing torn stitching and cleaning up scuffed and worn leather bags. We work on suitcases, attache cases, totes, and backpacks. Learn more about our Luggage Repair Services.

Leather Good RepairWe repair other leather goods, such as leather jackets, leather pants, wallets, and belts. We also work on leather backpacks and totes. See us for your leather repair needs. Learn more about our Leather Repair Services.

We have a craftsman on site

We’re ready to fix your work boots, cowboy boots, dress shoes, purse, and other leather goods.


Where to Find Us

We are located in the Uptown District of the city of Yucaipa.

Yucaipa Bag and Shoe Repair

12126 California Street

Yucaipa, CA 92399

(909) 790-1224



Our customers come from all over Southern California, especially for our service shoe repairing services, including Firefighter Boot Repairs, Police Boot Repairs, Paramedic Boot Repairs, Forest Service Boot Repairs, Utility Worker Boot Repairs, and Construction Boot Repairs.

Some of the areas we cover include Redlands, Loma Linda and Colton, Highland and San Bernardino, Beaumont and Banning. And, of course, we service customers in the Yucaipa and Calimesa areas as well.

We look forward to seeing you and helping with your shoe repair and leather goods repair needs.

Yucaipa Bag and Shoe Repair

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Danny Duong says:

    Hi, I got 2 Louie Vuitton wallets that I want to get fix. Both of the wallet have seams coming apart (minor-moderate) and part of the leather fabric of the wallet (in the middle of the top fold when opening the wallet) is ripped.

    Are you able to repair the wallets? And what’s the approximate cost to repair it? Thank you.


  2. Callie Atencio says:

    Yes am looking for someone to tailor my husband’s leather jacket. It has become too big for him as he has aged.
    Do you do tailor work with fine leather or can you recommend someone?


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